Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Meteorologist and Environmental Reporter for Local 24 News and CW 30 News.
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Sean Parker is a meteorologist and environmental reporter for Local 24 News and CW 30 News.

From New England to Colorado to Florida and now Memphis, Sean has traveled across the country forecasting the weather.

Prior to joining Local 24, he earned his degree in Meteorology from Lyndon State College in Northern Vermont. He then packed his bags and went to work for KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado where he spent 2 years talking blizzards and 100° desert heat. He also spent 3 week days as a general assignment reporter.

In May 2009, Sean set his alarm for 3:02 am and didn’t look back while serving as a morning meteorologist at WTXL in Tallahassee, Florida. Tallahassee threw every kind of weather at him. His first winter in town he covered a rare snow event in Southwest Georgia, followed later by round after round of severe weather and a few tropical storms for good measure. That was his life until June 1, 2013 when he moved to Memphis.

He's thrilled now to be in the Mid-South even if it is the spider capital of the world; something he is deathly afraid of. You can find Sean forecasting the weather on the weekends or whenever Paul and Lauren need a break. During the week he serves as Local 24’s environmental reporter, where he talks about anything science-related from bugs to astronomy.

If work isn’t involved he is either running, golfing, biking or teaching himself to play the guitar. He is married to his wife Jessica; no kids yet but they do have a Jack Russell Terrier named Carter. You may have seen his pictures on Twitter or in some of the stories Sean has done, he loves the camera. Email Sean.

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