Cool School : Kipp-Delta

Cool School : Kipp-Delta

Kipp-Delta public school in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas is truly one of a kind.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Kipp-Delta public school in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas is truly one of a kind.

The school offers a college-prep education for kids in the Arkansas delta.

“We have extremely high expectations for our students, which obviously is going to lead them down the road to success in college,” principal Heather Saunders said.

Teachers here go above and beyond for their students.

“We really value that every single moment and minute. And it's spent on our kids learning,” teacher Shavoone Ward said.

At each grade level students learn specific values, like integrity, responsibility, and teamwork. The idea is to help them climb the mountain to college.

The school also pushes parents to be heavily involved.

“It just gives us an extra push to make sure that we get our work done because we have the extra support system. Because not only are our teachers making sure we succeed, but our parents are too,” student Rachael McDock said.

Educators focus on building a strong foundation in math, reading, and science for every student. But the school provides students much more than a classroom education.

“They have a lot of activities and they always engage the students,” student Asthon Jones said.

The goal ultimately is to ensure that all of the students will be able to attend the college or university of their choice and find success not only in college, but a future career as well.

“So that means longer school days from 7:30 to 4pm. We also have field lessons once a month to really broaden their horizons and we also have summer school sessions for 3 weeks,” Ward said.

The kids are on the path to a great future and you can clearly see why Kipp-Delta is a cool school.
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