A game changer in weather is happening now!

A game changer in weather is happening now!

Sick of the heat and humidity? A cold front will make it feel more like September around here.

MEMPHIS (localmemphis.com) – Today is Labor Day, it’s also what I’m dubbing cold front day. The front is currently producing morning showers and thunderstorms across north Mississippi. Otherwise, skies are partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 80s. As the front passes south this afternoon it will spark scattered storms; most happen south of I-40. I wouldn’t cancel plans because of these but I would have a plan B just in case one rumbles over your house. The severe risk is low but a few may try to put down extra wind, lightning, heavy rain and small hail. That said, it won’t be raining all day or everywhere. Be storm wise as you’re grilling, on the boat or on the golf course. If you hear thunder, you are close enough to get struck by lightning. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been humid for long enough. This front will be a game changer for us. Drier air filters in overnight with clearing skies. Lows tomorrow morning will be in the upper 60s and low 70s; compare that to lows around 80° the last few days. Tuesday through the weekend we will be rather constant but it’ll be a good constant. How does sunny, not all that muggy with highs in the upper 80s sound? That’s what Mother Nature will dish out for the first several days of September. Enjoy and you’re welcome J

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Happy Labor Day, I hope you make it a great one!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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