A stubborn weather pattern keeps storms around through Sunday

A stubborn weather pattern keeps storms around through Sunday

Off and on storms remain in the forecast through at least the middle of the week.

MEMPHIS -- Today our camera operator walked in and did something classic. The last few days we’ve had a high rain chance in the forecast, so he said “I thought it was supposed to rain today, I didn’t see any.”  My response to him, “It did, just not everywhere.” That’s what happens in these types of set ups. We’ve got a front draped right over the area and it has no immediate plans to move out. It’ll keep a steady diet of off and on clouds with off and on rain in your diet through Tuesday. That includes tonight as another round gets going after 11pm. A few storms Sunday afternoon may pack an extra punch of wind and rain but we’re not too concerned about severe weather. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not concerned about rain potential. Since the front will be acting as the spark for the rain to form and it’s not moving much, storms will keep developing over the same areas before drifting east/northeast. This training effect will lead to locally heavy rain totals and the potential for flash flooding. It seems redundant but people keep driving through high water so always remember “turn around, don’t drown.” You never know how deep the water is. Meanwhile, while all that mess is happening, temperatures will still be very warm in the low 90s with a big time case of the muggies. Wednesday, humidity and storms get pushed south of here and we get a taste of refreshment. Temperatures will only be slightly cooler in the upper 80s but humidity will be much lower. Mix that with a mostly sunny sky and we’ve got a solid stretch of weather days Wednesday afternoon through at least Saturday. Stay tuned!

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Enjoy your weekend!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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