'August will be cooler than average'....Not for much longer.

'August will be cooler than average'....Not for much longer.

It'll feel more like August again before you know it. Heat and humidity will dominate much of the next work week.

MEMPHIS -- (localmemphis.com) That was a great taste of fall wasn’t it? Let’s relive it for a moment. Since early last week it’s been pleasantly warm, not humid at all, most of the time we had mostly sunny skies and rain outs have been non-existent. Well, time to slowly snap back to reality. Mugginess has increased in baby step fashion; today is no different. Dew points have jumped into the mid 60s; we’ve had worse but they’re stickier than the 50s we had a little less than a week ago. Nevertheless, higher humidity is the first step in our trip back to summery weather. Skies will stay partly to mostly cloudy with a few showers for the rest of Saturday night. This isn’t plan cancelling stuff but you may have to dodge a brief shower or thunderstorm. Temperatures will be cooler than average through tomorrow morning; we’ll be around 68° at sunrise. Sunday will be much like Saturday. Expect a good mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. A few showers will pop as we get hotter but there won’t be many; may your plans go ahead unimpeded. Speaking of “hotter”, it really won’t be on Sunday afternoon. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s. Is it ‘hotter’ than we have been? Sure, but it’s still well below the average high of 92°. Monday, a ridge of high pressure will take over and not look back through the weekend. It’ll keep showers and storms to a minimum and drive up the heat. I’m not saying it won’t rain at all, but storms should remain isolated Monday to Saturday. Temperatures will be climbing back into the low 90s with a heat index near 100° for much of the week. Remember when we said August will be cooler and wetter than average? we didn’t mean forever.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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