August's last stand will be a hot one

August's last stand will be a hot one

The hottest air of the season will be here shortly but will we hit 100° for the first time in 2013?

MEMPHIS – ( When I first rolled into town nearly all of you said, “Wait until August, that’s when it gets really hot!” Well, all you amateur forecasters, you nailed it. Despite being briefly cooler than normal a week or so ago, the heat has regained control of the forecast. The heat index has been around 100° for the last few days and it shows no signs of slowing down. A large ridge of high pressure continues to take hold of the area driving rain chances down and temperatures up. A few left over showers in Mississippi will drift west/southwest and diminish completely after sunset Saturday night. OK, we’re done talking about significant rain for a while. According to our friend the almanac, our average high is 91°; we’ll be there by lunch every day through the end of August (relax, September 1st is a week from tomorrow). Highs will be in the mid and upper 90s with a heat index approaching advisory levels around 105°-108°. Be prepared, you’re about to be hit with a lot of numbers. Here we go -- even with all the heat around we won’t be setting any records. Mother Nature has set the bar high, here’s where they sit through August 31st.. Sunday: 101°, Monday: 103°, Tuesday: 105°, Wednesday: 104°, Thursday: 106°, Friday: 107°, Saturday: 103°. Instead, we’ll be looking at more of what I’ll call an unofficial record; hottest temperatures of the year. June 27th Memphis touched 97°, that’s been it so far. That means we haven’t hit 100° in 2013 and this may be our last chance but I think we come up just shy. Don’t get wrong, the heat index will easily soar at or above 100° all week, but it’s the actual air temperature that gets recorded. It’ll be a nail biter watching the mercury rise to 96°, 97° and possible 98° through Thursday. The aforementioned ridge of high pressure will slowly slide west by midweek and weaken slightly by then. The less muscle it has, the less it can drive us to 100°. Stay tuned!

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-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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