Finally, a Spring Weekend!

Finally, a Spring Weekend!

MEMPHIS WEATHER--Finally we reap the benefits of a beautiful spring weekend across the Mid South!  It WAS a little breezy, but no complaints as the southern winds warmed our afternoon temperatures into the 70s under a good deal of sunshine.  A very pleasant and dry evening is in store for us as well.  Overnight low temperatures only fall into the mid to upper 50s.  We will be off to a super start to our Sunday with more sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures close to what we experienced today, just not as windy.  Temperatures will remain above normal and our conditions dry until mid week.  Then, dum-da-dum-dum, we will be on the lookout for possible severe storms Wednesday into Thursday.  Until then, however, enjoy the rest of your weekend, preferably outdoors!

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Broadcast Meteorologist Wendy Nations
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