Finally feeling like Winter

Finally feeling like Winter

MEMPHIS WEATHER--Here it is March 2, and it FINALLY feels like Winter!  We saw flurries thoughout most of the day with little to if-any accumulation, but temperatures were in the deep freezer!  Clouds were hard to shake, and will be the case as we head into the evening hours.  Overnight the biting cold winds begin to settle down leading us into a super cold morning.  Areawide temperatures will fall into the 20s before warming up under sunny skies Sunday.  Even with the warmer winds and sunshine, our afternoon highs will be much colder than seasonal.  Sundays temperature at it's warmest should reach into the mid 40s.  Our weekends ends dry with few clouds, until Monday.  Monday the winds pick back up, clouds build back in, and we will look for another round of rainfall late in the day/evening. 

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Broadcast Meteorologist Wendy Nations
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