Hottest air of the season is on the way

Hottest air of the season is on the way

We have a solid chance of hitting 100° for the first time this year by Thursday.

MEMPHIS – ( I’ll admit it, I woke up sweating a little this morning. It wasn’t because of the heat, but the cloud cover. Overnight we had some debris cloudiness from rain along the gulf coast surge north. As that happened, a ridge of high pressure built in the upper levels of the atmosphere warming a layer of air just above the clouds. That created a temperature inversion where the air at the surface is cooler than the air above it; it’s also known as a stable atmosphere. In a situation like that it becomes very difficult for air to rise and break holes in the clouds because mother nature thinks “everything is the way it’s supposed to be; warm air above cooler air” That’s why it took so long for the sun to win out Sunday. The optimist in me is thinking on the bright (pun) side, it kept our highs much more manageable than they otherwise would’ve been. Still though, many spots topped around 90°. Tonight, we won’t have the cloud problem and skies will be mostly clear. Temperatures will slide south into the low and middle 70s; very summery. The aforementioned area of high pressure that caused our “inversion” this morning will control our weather mightily for the next week. Monday through next weekend will have virtually no rain with highs in the upper 90s. In fact, some of our computer models have us on a four day run of 100° or higher by midweek. A feat we have yet to accomplish in 2013. I’m not ready to buy into that kind of heat yet. However, I am still going with a very hot forecast. Highs will be between 96° and 98° with lots of moisture around; that puts heat index values close to 105° or higher. This will be the hottest air of the season so far. A few sentences ago I said “virtually no rain”, there’s still a slim chance that literally one or two showers may bubble up but not enough for me to put them on the 7-day. Stay tuned!

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Enjoy the last bits of your weekend and celebrate a new work week!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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