Mother Nature, ahem, it's September!

Mother Nature, ahem, it's September!

Someone tell Mother Nature what month it is. Our average high is 88°, we'll be there at least by lunch Sunday.

MEMPHIS – ( Well, the heat is back, or should I say, continues. *Sigh* Oh well, we’ve got to play with the hand Mother Nature deals. A strong ridge of high pressure will continue to be around the Mid-South for the next several days. We’ve talked in length about what that does for us. For those new to the program, it’ll keep our storm chances low while driving up temperatures. We won’t hit 100°, but low and middle 90s are a safe bet through Friday. Yea, that’s all but one of the next seven days. I digress, tomorrow there’s a small chance at a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon as a weak disturbance moves just north of the area. Otherwise, highs will be near 95° with a heat index closing in on 98° or 99°. That should make you feel better right? The heat index, while warmer than the actual temperature, won’t be outrageous on Sunday afternoon.Yay? Much of the next work week will be boring in the weather world; mostly sunny and between 90° and 95°, yawn. Thursday night and Friday we’ll have a cold front slide by. It’ll spark scattered showers and storms through Friday morning. The air behind this front will be delightful. Humidity will fall and temperatures will be a very September-like in the middle 80s by Saturday. Summer lovers, much of the next week is for you! You’re welcome J

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Now go and enjoy the rest of your weekend, that’s an order!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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