Mother Nature heard our cries for comfort

Mother Nature heard our cries for comfort

We're cool and comfortable now but that'll slowly change by Monday.

MEMPHIS – ( How am I supposed to concentrate on work on a day like this? The weather is perfect; sunny & 70s, football is on, sorry guys, you’re on your own. Nah, I’m just kidding, you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. We’ve still got a big ole dome of high pressure in control. That means more sun and comfy cozy conditions for you for the rest of the weekend. However, subtle changes will be felt by the end of your weekend. The aforementioned ridge of high pressure will shift slightly east and swing our winds around from the south. A south wind will drag in a taste of mugginess and warm air by Sunday night. That doesn’t mean rain or super heat, relax. High temperatures on Sunday will be in the low and middle 80s; a little warmer than Saturday. The first half of the week looks warm as well but pleasant. Highs Monday to Wednesday will be in the upper 80s. High pressure will lose its grip on the area after Wednesday as a cold front approaches from the northwest. That will allow a few thunderstorms to bubble up each afternoon Thursday into the weekend. Right now, and keep in mind that this can change; the front will slide through Friday night into Saturday. That will be our best chance at widespread rain. Nitty gritty details this far out are tough to nail down; stay tuned!

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Enjoy your weekend!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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