Weekend storms leading to work week heat!

Weekend storms leading to work week heat!

Another pleasant Saturday night before some Sunday storms.

MEMPHIS WEATHER— As you read this our air mass is steadily changing. A south wind will make it muggier by the hour for the rest of the night, not oppressive but certainly different. Lows by Sunday morning will fall into the upper 60s; much closer to average than last night. Tomorrow, a cold front will approach from the west; storms will be marching along it and popping up out ahead of it. There is at least a slight chance at severe weather with wind and hail as your primary threats. The first half of Sunday should be fine outside of an isolated morning shower. Timing of the strong stuff puts storms in your backyard during the heat of the afternoon after 3pm. The front will slowly slide east while we lose the heat of the day after sunset. That will put an end to any severe threat but showers will linger into Monday morning. The “cold” front responsible for Sunday’s storminess won’t go much south of us on Monday so we won’t cool much; highs to start the week will be in the upper 80s. The heat gets cooking starting Tuesday, we hit 90° in the afternoon and never look back through next weekend. At the same time the muggy meter will shoot through the roof; it’s likely we’ll have a heat index around at least 100° by Thursday. Bottom line: get ready to sweat on the walk to the mailbox. Stay hydrated and kiss cool thoughts good bye!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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