Wrap n' peel Sunday to Summery Monday

Wrap n' peel Sunday to Summery Monday

Subtle changes are happening as you read this. Next week will be warmer with a slight chance at storms. Please read on....

MEMPHIS – (localmemphis.com) As I sit here and type, my hands are one step away from freezing off. Someone didn’t get the memo that we cooled off, the A/C in the studio is still set to 61°. Yea I know that all the computers and components need to be cool to work, but what about the meteorologist? Sheesh! It also didn’t help that I was chugging down an iced coffee. Oh well, if you were outside today or had the windows open you know how pleasant it was/is. Highs climbed well into the 80s with an array of thin, wispy cirrus clouds floating by. The wind has been light but will be more out of the south for the next few hours; that’ll help the air moisten up a little but not enough for rain. A very weak front will slide across the Midsouth tonight; most reading this won’t even notice it. All it will do for us is temporarily reinforce dry, comfortable air and provide a few more clouds tonight and Monday. Despite increasing clouds temperatures by sunrise Monday morning will be in the mid 60s; average for this time of year. High pressure will be in control for the first half of the week. Monday to Wednesday we’re looking at mostly sunny and warm conditions with highs in the upper 80s. Thursday to Sunday a cold front will approach the area. Ahead of it isolated showers and storms will be around Thursday and Friday. The front will pass through Saturday and Sunday giving us our best chance for rain. Right now we’re not looking at a huge storm maker; most of what’s needed for robust thunderstorms will be north of us. However, if your lawn is brown, plants are wilting or if you yourself would feel a little refreshed from some rain this could be good news for you. The details will get clearer as we approach midweek. Until then, stay tuned!

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Make it a great week!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker

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