Spring Kids Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, May 11th at Catch’Em Lake

Spring Kids Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, May 11th at Catch’Em Lake

The Agricenter is hosting a Spring Kids Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, May 11th at Catch’Em Lake at Agricenter.

Junior Fishing Rodeo

Rules and Regulations

Saturday, May 11th, 2013


1.      The Junior Fishing Rodeo will be held from 7:00am until 12:00pm. The rodeo will be divided into two 2 age groups: 10 year olds and under and 11-15 year olds.


2.      10 year old and under rodeo: Registration for the rodeo will begin at 7:00am. The rodeo will be from 7:30-9:00am with the awards at 9:30am.


3.      11-15 year old rodeo:  Registration for the rodeo will be at 9:30am. The rodeo will be from 10:00-11:30am with the awards at 12:00pm.


4.      Participants must provide their own tackle for the event. Bait will be available for sale the day of the rodeo or bring your own (no live minnows).


5.      Prizes to be awarded for the largest fish and the largest number of fish caught. To break any ties weight will be considered (all judge decisions are final).  Participants must work as an individual, blending of fish with other participants will not be permitted and participants may only win in one category.  A participant may have only one fishing line in the water at a time and only one hook per line.


6.      Participants enter at their own risk. Neither the rodeo, volunteers, sponsors, Agricenter staff, nor UT Extension staff shall be held liable for any loss, damage, negligence, harm or injury to anyone for any reason.


7.      Registration forms and the $8.00 contribution to the Agricenter educational fund are appreciated at the registration time for the appropriate age group.


8.      Rodeo will be held rain or shine, but may be delayed because of lightning

Registration Form

(See attached for Rodeo rules)

Please Print



                        (Last)                                                     (First)                                                    (Middle Initial)



City                                                     State                           Zip Code                                                       


Home No. (     ­)                                               Alternate Phone: (      )                                                          


Email address:  _______________________________________________________________________


Date of Birth:                                      Age                                Gender:                   Male               Female


Parent or guardian:                                                                                                                                       


By signing this registration form you are acknowledging receipt and understanding of the “Junior Fishing Rodeo Rules and Regulations” sheet.


Consent for Photographing, Filming, Video/Audio Recording and/or Televising


For good and valuable consideration, I hereby authorize the Agricenter International, Inc. and the University of Tennessee to photograph, film, audio/video record, and/or televise my image and voice.  The Agricenter and the University may exhibit or display my name, likeness, voice, and biographical material, in whole or in part, in any medium now known or developed in the future, without any restrictions, for any and all purposes consistent with the Agricenter and University’s missions of teaching, research, promotion, and outreach.


I have read this entire document and have willingly agreed to the conditions contained herein.  I give this full release of all claims on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.


I am over 18 years of age.    Yes                              No                  

Participant Signature:                                                                         Date:                                                             


Parent or Guardian Signature (if participant is under 18):                                                                         



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