Mid-Town Auto Parts & Salvage Inc.

Mid-Town Auto Parts & Salvage Inc.

Home of over 1000 cars and a Millions of Parts, Midtown Auto Parts is one of the few remaining full service auto parts businesses in the city. You can pull your own part, or we can pull if for you!




Home of over 1000 cars and a Millions of Parts, Midtown Auto Parts is one of the few remaining full service auto parts businesses in the city. You can pull your own part, or we can pull if for you!

We offer engines, transmissions, radiators, a/c compressors, alternators, starters, hoods, doors, lights and just about every item from the front to back bumper.

We have ASE Certified Master Technicians on our staff at all times. Feel free to come in and ask the questions you are scared to ask the average mechanic. Trust me, we have heard it all!
Midtown has all of the cars on the yard, along with a portion of our inventory listed on our web page at midtownautoparts.net. Contact our staff at 901-274-7303 for parts or to sell your car.

Items you do not buy used, but new from an auto parts stores
Head gaskets, water pumps, thermostats, spark plugs and wires, brake shoes and fluid, oil and oil filters, radiator hoses and a/c hoses, all belts, bushings and tie rod ends.
Catalytic Convertors must be replaced new per Federal Law. All Muffler Shops can help you with this.

Scrap Metal
Midtown Metals is the ferrous and non-ferrous portion of our business. Ferrous metals consist of most anything magnetic, which would be cars, appliances, galvanized, etc. Non-ferrous metals would consist of copper, brass, aluminum and stainless, just to name a few. Call 726-0023 for assistance.

With a friendly staff, our client base keeps on coming knowing they will be treated fairly and given a great price. (see staff below)

We Buy Salvage Cars
We buy all makes and models of cars and trucks. A title is required for any car twelve (12) years and newer. You must have proof of ownership and a valid ID to sell.

About Our Staff

Larry Walker, Owner

With his wife Lisa, Larry purchased the business in 2005.  Larry has been in the scrap side of the auto business since 1980.  A University of Memphis Alumni and a big supporter in Memphis Scholastics and Tiger Athletics, Larry is a sports enthusiast.  If you want to talk Tiger or Grizzly hoops, you have come to the right place.

Scott McPherson, Operations Manager

An N.C. State Alumni, Scott lived the dream in the Jimmy V. era.  He is an ASE Certified Master Technician.  Scott knows more about how a car operates then anyone you will ever meet. 

Juan Castillo, Assistant Manager

Juan is the guy you see being his nutty self in our commercials.  He is our comedian and bilingual specialist and came from the oil fields in Texas to join our new staff in 2005.

Dustin McColm, Counter Sales Specialist

A car junkie with the memory of an elephant.  Newly married, Dustin also joined the staff in 2005 and was promoted quickly because of his overall knowledge in the car industry.

Raoul Jones, Inventory Manager

Raoul oversees the parts inventory and is the Title Clerk for all of the cars that Midtown purchases.  He also can find your part for you if we don’t have it.  Ask for Jones.

Timmy Barr, Inventory Specialist

Midtown Auto Parts has 23 employees, among them is long standing member Timmy Barr. Timmy knows cars like Planters knows peanuts Timmy is always in our commercials, and best known for his line “and Ladies, I’ll pull your parts for you!”


Michael McGee, Outside Sales Manager

Mike joined the staff in 2007 after working with Larry for 15 years.  Mike buys salvage cars and scrap metal of all kinds, and is a scrap metal specialist.  His direct line is 901-238-0867 for any junk cars or scrap you have for sale.

Erwin “Bubba” Albert, Non Ferrous Manager

Bubba, a Memphis basketball guru who worked with Larry for 20 years, started the new department  in 2007 and is our professional in metals.  His division buys aluminum, copper, brass, stainless and everything else not magnetic.  His assistant is Roger Orr.  The direct line is 901-726-0023.  Call for prices or questions.

Jeff Green, Ferrous Manager

Jeff also worked with Larry for numerous years in the scrap business.  He knows all the ins and outs of the business, and is the Crane Operator, overseeing the scrap scales.  Nathan Snodgrass is the friendly guy at the scales, and Lafayette Jenkins is the inspector of scrap.

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