Green Tech Automotive in 2nd Phase of Construction in Tunica

Green Tech Automotive in 2nd Phase of Construction in Tunica

The automotive company promises to bring hundreds of jobs to Tunica.
TUNICA, MS ( - It looks like an empty lot now, but Green Tech Automotive is starting the second stage of construction that will include building offices and a manufacturing facility.

The plant will produce 30,000 sub-compact cars a year, something that has Tunica residents smiling.

"I think it will be good for the city," said Phillip Gregor.

GTA plans to initially hire more than 1,000 people to work at the plant. Locals, like Jake Fennell, are ready for the plant to open up and begin hiring. "It should especially hire me," he said.

Construction will continue through December. The hiring process will begin in April of next year. Locals see it as a good move for the small county.

While Tunica resident Peggy Canon sees the company as a future friend of the county, she says plant or no, the county would still survive.

"We'd survive because everything in this town is from the early years when it was booming."

Green Tech Automotive has already invested millions of dollars into the property. $6.6 million went to on-site preparation.
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