Tate County Opens CrimeStoppers Hotline

Tate County Opens CrimeStoppers Hotline

Residents in Tate County, Mississippi, now have their very own CrimeStoppers Hotline.
SENATOBIA, MS (localmemphis.com) - A problem of miscommunication has now been solved with the creation of the new CrimeStoppers in Tate County.

After 3 years of being a part of the North Central Mississippi CrimeStoppers unit, they now have their own.

A few crossed wires, accompanied by some misunderstandings, had folks in Tate County believing that they had no CrimeStoppers to report to.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said, "We were originally part of the North Central Mississippi CrimeStoppers, which was us, Marshall County and Panola County, and some issues came up. We started getting word that people were trying to call in tips and when they called in to report Tate County crimes they were told that there was no Tate County CrimeStoppers."

With the new Tate County CrimeStoppers Hotline, the same standards apply. Callers will remain anonymous, and if the information leads to an arrest the caller will be eligible to receive a cash reward.

Ultimately, Sheriff Lance is hoping with the new hotline that confusion will be reduced, and more effectively put a halt to crime.

"Some miscommunication amongst the call center and having multiple counties involved, we felt like it was just better for us to do our own CrimeStoppers program," said Lance.

If you see a crime happen in Tate County, now all you have to do is call (662) 301-1111.

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