Gatlin Finding His Groove As Nationals Approach

Gatlin Finding His Groove As Nationals Approach

The former Vols' sprinter is looking forward to a rematch with Usain Bolt.
Justin Gatlin is surging with confidence heading into the U.S. championships this week after beating the world's fastest sprinter in a 100-meter race.

Not only did Gatlin beat Usain Bolt, but he blazed right by him after the Jamaican jumped out to an early lead during a competition in Rome nearly two weeks ago. Bolt is rarely caught.

With that, Gatlin believes he may have energized Bolt.

But Gatlin's driven, too, since all the headlines after the race centered on Bolt possibly losing a step rather than Gatlin gaining ground on the Olympic champion.

Gatlin's itching for a rematch at worlds later this summer on an even bigger stage and with more eyes watching. First, though, he has to earn his spot at nationals in Des Moines, Iowa.

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