UM A.D. Tom Bowen Initiates Plan To Build Future Fan Base

UM A.D. Tom Bowen Initiates Plan To Build Future Fan Base

Football tickets are part of the plan.
-University of Memphis

MEMPHIS – Memphis Athletics Director Tom Bowen was known among his colleagues as an innovator, organizer and team builder while serving as the Director of San Jose State’s athletic department. Bowen has now implemented his innovative ideas at Memphis and has designed a program that will hopefully help the Tigers grow their future fan base for years to come.

In a congratulatory letter sent to each 2012-13 Memphis graduate, Bowen has offered each individual who received their degree in one of three graduation ceremonies during the 2012-13 school year, two football season tickets for the upcoming season.

“Our graduates have supported Tigers athletics throughout their academic careers at Memphis and now it’s time to offer our support to them,” Bowen stated. “These individuals are now beginning their business careers and starting families. Perhaps these tickets will offer them an entertainment option, and in return, build future fans for the Tigers.”

The University of Memphis held three graduation ceremonies during the 2012-13 school year and awarded approximately 4,000 degrees. Each of these graduates has been offered two football season tickets. To claim their tickets, each graduate is asked to print their letter from Bowen and present it, along with a photo ID, at the Athletic Ticket Office, located in the Penny Hardaway Athletic Hall of Fame Building on Normal Street. If a graduate did not receive the congratulatory letter or e-mail but would still like to participate in the program, they can present a valid ID alone and receive their two tickets.

“Our season tickets sales have become brisk over the last four weeks, but we would love to add 8,000 ticket holders to our fan base this year,” Bowen concluded. “The football team and staff have a new momentum and we need the fans to be a part of the team.”

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