Questions About City Home Repair Program

Questions About City Home Repair Program

Another homeowner has come forward upset with the a city program meant to help low income residents and seniors.

MEMPHIS, TN – Another Memphis homeowner is upset with a city program meant to help low income residents and seniors remodel their homes. It is called the H.A.R.P. program.

Joy Brent had her home renovated through the city program. Brent said the home is in worse shape, than before the work began.

 “I am very hurt and displeased,” said Brent. “I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Brent’s main concern is with the homes electricity. Light’s that worked before contractors came into her home, no longer work. A switch that used to turn on a light to the carport now is connected to a light in the kitchen.

“You can’t live worrying about your electric. If your house is going to catch on fire or you can’t home and feels safe because lights don’t work that worked before,” said Brent.

City documents show the project inspector did a final walk thru of the house and approved the work. Brent said that inspection never occurred.

Brent said her calls to the H.A.R.P. program have gone unreturned. ABC24 News also called the H.A.R.P. manager several times. So far, he has not returned our phone calls.

Earlier this week, ABC24 told you about another homeowner who faced similar problems. City officials have yet to respond to questions about that house.

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