Jaylen is a very sweet, energetic and playful young man.

Jaylen is a very sweet, energetic and playful young man.

Nationwide kids adopted after the age of 13 have lots of financial assistance opportunities for higher education thanks to one very determined former foster child from TN.
Jaylen's Birthday: 12/21/1999

Jaylen is a very sweet, energetic and playful young man. He likes to play the drums and enjoys listening to music. Some of his favorite artists are Rihanna and Chris Brown.

He makes good grades, and his favorite subject in school is also his most challenging: Math. Jaylen would like to be a nurse or doctor when he grows up or work in another profession that allows him to help people and save lives.

Jaylen loves Buffalo pizza at his favorite restaurant, CiCi's Pizza. He also likes macaroni and cheese, any kind of ice cream, sweet potato casserole, and candy yams.

He enjoys the outdoors, fishing, swimming, and going to movies. His favorite movie is “Matilda.” He also likes to play video games, read comic books, and help clean the house.

Jaylen has a lot of potential and is looking for a loving family. He is open to being adopted by a single or two-parent family. He would not mind having siblings. He would like to continue going to church. He also would like an active family that can take him places.

Jaylen needs a committed family that will give him a lot of attention, love and support. They need to be patient and flexible. He needs a calm atmosphere and he will thrive in that setting.

If you have room in your heart and home for Jaylen, please call Youth Villages Adoption Counselor Melinda Wilbanks at (901) 252-7697 or send her an e-mail: melinda.wilbanks@youthvillages.org.

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