Complaint Submitted To NCAA Claiming Pay-For-Play Arrangment At Memphis

Published 06/15 2014 09:23PM

Updated 06/15 2014 09:26PM


Email submitted to NCAA regarding alleged pay-for-play arrangement with former University of Memphis coaching staff and the uncle of former student-athlete Pierre Henderson-Niles.

This memo/email is addressed to the legislative branch of the NCAA. I am Pastor Stephen Saine. I was the guardian of a former University of Memphis student athlete.

I share this not to bring dishonor to the University of Memphis or the men's basketball program, but to: 1) do the right thing and 2) help make sure what happened then is no longer prevalent not only at the UofM but in college athletics in general.

When Jartavious Pierre Henderson-Niles played basketball at the UofM he did so with a play-for-play arrangement I had with the UofM men's basketball coaching staff.

I received regular payments from one of John Calipari's assistant coaches (Derek Kellogg) starting Pierre's senior year of high school through his junior year at the University of Memphis.

This is an issue I would have addressed with the UofM and members of their former coaching staff but as you can imagine, I felt it would have fallen on deaf ears.

Pierre attended the UofM from 2006-2010.


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