11-Year-Old Charged In Oakland Kidnapping Hoax

11-Year-Old Charged In Oakland Kidnapping Hoax

The 11-year-old who planned his own kidnapping based on a TV movie, faces real life charges.
Oakland, TN -- The 11-year-old who planned his own kidnapping based on a TV movie, faces real life charges. 

The kid's father says he thinks his son has learned his lesson, and was surprised to learn Thursday that his son would face criminal charges.

On June 27th, the 11-year-old walked into an Oakland Dollar General and said he had been kidnapped. He told the store clerk a man kidnapped him while he was walking to check his mail. He added the man and a woman in the car forced him to strip to his boxers. He told the store clerk he eventually was able to escape at a nearby church.

"I live right behind here, so I thought, that could have been one of my kids, ya know, I was actually frightened, I had never heard of that in Oakland before," said Jason Hall. 

After three hours of searching for the kidnappers, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office said the boy admitted to making up the story. The motive: He was afraid he was about to get in trouble at home.

On Friday, the boy said he got the idea for the kidnapping caper after watching a movie on Lifetime.

The boy's father said the family learned Thursday that the boy would face criminal charges.

"I kinda didn't believe it at first, but after they found out it was a hoax, I said, well that sounded like a hoax from the beginning," said James Pierce, a Fayette County resident.

Pierce said he didn't think the boy should face criminal charges.

"No, not the kid, he was just scared and didn't know any better. He didn't think he was doing anything wrong," said Pierce.

Hall disagreed, citing all the money investigators spent searching for the kidnappers.

"I think that he should get something, yeah because he cost taxpayer money," Hall said. "I was thrilled that it was a hoax, but I thought this kid is going to get in a lot of trouble, I'm glad he's okay."

The 11-year-old's father said his son is due in juvenile court in Somerville on Wednesday.
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