Bass Pro Logos Approved; New Mermaid Contorversy

Bass Pro Logos Approved; New Mermaid Contorversy

The battle over Bass Pro logos is over.
MEMPHIS, TN – The battle over logos for the sides of the Pyramid has been raging for months; too big, too gaudy.

On Tuesday July 30, 2013 newly designed logos were up for final approval from the Design Review Board.

Only one member of the board voted against the logos that blended in with the skin of the Pyramid.

But things weren’t that simple. Just when it appeared to be all over—there was a new problem.

“I think Bass Pro has listened to the concerns from the public.” said board member Carl Person.

All but one member of the Design Review Board agreed.

In changing from the original gaudy yellow signs to much more subdued silver logos, Bass Pro made quite an impression.

“They’ve done an excellent job of reworking their standard signage,” board member Ray Brown told, “to something compatible with the Pyramid.”

Still, not everybody was on board.

A member of the public reminded everyone: “The signs are the same size as ten interstate highway billboards.”

In the end the new logos were approved; but then—a new controversy.

“I had a few people tell me they find the fishbowl sign quite offensive and indecent.” an audience member told the Review Board.

What he was referring to is a large sign depicting a mermaid in a fishbowl, advertising a bowling alley.

“Do we actually need a mermaid coming out of a fishbowl,” he asked, “to let everybody know you can go bowling in there—not swimming with a mermaid?”

Others agreed; witness a sampling of e-mails sent to the Review Board.

“Placing a scantily clad mermaid TRAPPED in a fishbowl,” said one e-mail, “is demeaning, sexist and exclusive.”

Asked another e-mail: “An eighteen foot, Caucasian, large breasted mermaid? Really?

“I can just see my grandmother passing by.” Person told

During the board meeting, Person addressed the mermaid sign: “Growing up in the city, I know this is the center of the Bible Belt.” Person said.

Via conference call he asked Bass Pro to reconsider the sign.

“We’ll be happy to respond to your request.” was the telephoned response.

“I think the mermaid in the fishbowl will just sort of blend in to the overall project.” Person told

With the logo battle behind them, most board members seemed happy.

“In five years,” said Brown, “we’ll remember it as having been here for a very long time.”

As for what happens next with the mermaid sign—the Bass Pro response did sound open ended.

But consider this: that sign is patented by Bass Pro.

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