Child Found Wandering At 3 a.m. in Millington

Child Found Wandering At 3 a.m. in Millington

Wet, cold and alone. A five year old girl is amazingly safe after wandering a mile from her Millington home in the middle of the night. Now the child's mother and her boyfriend are charged with Child Abuse.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - "Being a parent, you got responsibilities and your main thing should be your child, you should know where your child is at, at all times," said Roderick Benton.

Apparently that wasn't the case for Jocelyn Temple and her live-in boyfriend Keith Miller. Deputies say Temple's five year old daughter was left asleep inside a car. When she woke up, she tried to get into her house but the doors were locked.

Unable to get back into the car, she headed to her Grandparents located 3 1/2 miles away. It was 3 a.m. in the morning. When ABC 24 News went to the grandparents' house Sunday afternoon, a lady looked out a window but never came to the door.

Kathy Taylor lives nearby. "That's horrible you just don't leave a child in the car for no reason cause you see all the time on the news where someone is, you know if you just go in and pay your gas or whatever that someone can grab your car and they don't care if a child is in there or not," she said.

Jocelyn Temple told Deputies she went out for drinks earlier Friday night.

"You supposed to take care of your children before you get out and go out yourself you understand," said Norma Curry.

Temple told deputies her boyfriend was supposed to get the little girl out of the car and she had no idea her daughter was gone. Paramedics checked out the 5 year old who was not hurt, just cold and wet.

Temple and Miller were both charged with Child Abuse.
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