Connection Between Lorenzen Wright And Drug Kingpin Craig Petties

Connection Between Lorenzen Wright And Drug Kingpin Craig Petties has new information about former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright. Wright was found shot to death in Southeast Memphis.
MEMPHIS, TN – has obtained court documents detailing a transaction between Lorenzen Wright and an admitted associate of accused Memphis drug kingpin Craig Petties. The documents show in 2008, Wright sold two luxury cars, a Cadillac SUV and Mercedes Benz to a man named Bobby Cole. At the time Cole was indicted on drug distribution charges in a case in Atlanta and admitted to FBI agents that he was associated with a drug ring connected to Petties. The cars were ultimately seized by the government.

Wright’s body was found in a field, hundreds of yards away from a road often traveled. His body was behind a group of bushes where black marks remain after days of decomposition.

Memphis Police say Wright, a hometown hero and 13 year NBA veteran was shot to death. Detectives spent the day interviewing several people including Herb Wright, Lorenzen’s father. Herb Wright was met by officers outside the Criminal Justice Center. Investigators also spoke with those who saw Wright days before he went missing.
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