Cool School : Bolton High School

Cool School : Bolton High School

As soon as you walk through the doors of Bolton High School, you know right away this place is something special.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - As soon as you walk through the doors of Bolton High School, you know right away this place is something special.

We were lucky enough to catch members of the school’s choir brushing up for their latest performance.

Students here really have a love for the arts. In fact, they have one of the best drama departments around.

“We really want these students to do well and to do great things beyond Bolton once the graduate,” teacher Jeff Smith said.

And if you need another example of how talented and creative the students here at Bolton high school are, take a look at the ceiling tiles in the art department. All of the work has been done by the students.

And of course you know we love to see a group of future journalists with the schools newspaper recording high-tech news updates that are played in every class.

“We usually have 3 big news topics and we have some fun stuff. We’ll do a segment of the week and awesome clip of the week,” student Phillip St. Claire.

The students and staff at the Arlington area high school say it’s the family atmosphere here they enjoy the most.

“Here you know the teacher cares about their kids,” principal Chad Stevens said.

“A lot of the students get to really know their teachers well and get to form a relationship with them that’s kind of like a parent figure,” student Heaven Smith said.

Students also have a real desire to serve the community.

The drama department recently held a food drive for the Mid-South Food Bank.
And students also participate in the Habitat for Humanity program as well as Make-A-Wish.

In fact the school helps to grant 2 wishes a year.

“Well I think the students come to school to learn, but I think learning is more than text books. I think we need to teach them how to be good citizens and part of that is learning how to give back to others,” teacher Marti Martin said.

And don’t forget the schools’ focus on academics. The IB and National Honors Programs are also two of the best in the mid-south.

From the arts to the need to give back to the community, these are only a few examples of what makes Bolton High a cool school.
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