FedEx Withdraws Support From Conference over Damien Echols

FedEx Withdraws Support From Conference over Damien Echols

Memphis is at the center of the business world, but Memphis' largest company was nowhere to be seen at a startup conference they were supposed to sponsor.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - - 88 startup businesses made their way to the Bluff City. "A startup is more of an innovative idea and a lot of these people are seeking some kind of funding to get to the next level," said Kyle Sandler, Co-Founder of Their Startup Conference at the Memphis Cook Convention Center allows startup businesses to pitch their ideas, network, and learn.

"My company is actually an investment management company; specifically we help baby boomers either with their income investment or with their growth investments," said G.D. Chaplin.

Good ideas were everywhere, but FedEx thought it was a bad idea to let Damien Echols make an appearance at the conference Monday. Echols will speak about how technology has changed after spending 17 years on death row in Arkansas after his conviction in the 1993 murders of 3 cub scouts in West Memphis.

FedEx withdrew their support, stating that didn't match with their understanding of it being an entrepreneurial, startup event.

Attendees are not letting the controversy get to them.

"I'm pretty impressed with what they brought to the forum here today," said Thurstle Mullen.

You can find more information about the Startup Conference by visiting

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