Feds Looking At Memphis Home Rehab Program

Feds Looking At Memphis Home Rehab Program

The federal government is looking into problems with the city run program meant to help low income residents and senior citizens.
MEMPHIS, TN-- Another day, another example of Memphis' messed up government funded home rehab program. This time, the federal government is taking a look at what is going on. State Representative G.A. Hardaway also wants answers.

Patricia Sawyer lives in South Memphis. Sawyer said the contractor that was supposed to fix her home made it worse. Unfinished doors, sinking floors, electrical sockets no longer work. When Sawyer does dishes, water gushes into buckets underneath her sink.

"It has been like this for months, and the inspectors knew it," said Sawyer.

Sawyer said the city has had to hire a second contractor to finish the first contractors mistakes.

In the meantime, a federal investigator has been to her home asking questions.

"He looked around and told me federal money was not supposed to be spent like this," said Sawyer.

Sawyer is one of dozens of homes that has been remodeled under the HARP program. It is a government funded program home remodeling program for low income residents and seniors.

State Representative G.A. Hardaway also visited Sawyer's home. Hardaway said more checks and balances need to be put in place to make sure contractors do quality work.

"The inspection process needs to be better. There needs to be a clear line of people who write up the contract, those who do the work and those who sign off at the end," said Hardaway.

Calls to the HARP manager and the Director of Housing and Community Development were not returned.

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