Local Entrepenuer With A 'Crazy Good' Idea

Local Entrepenuer With A 'Crazy Good' Idea

Make your taste buds dance- that was the mission of one Mid-South man’s crazy idea. Now, that idea has turned into a "Crazy Good' business.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com)--Make your taste buds dance- that’s the mission of a Mid-South man’s company, and business is booming.

Jim O’Brien is a local entrepreneur with a flair for flavor. His goal was to start a side business in hopes of making money to put his son through college. What he ended up with was one crazy good idea.  “When you start a business of any size, shape in any genre, you’re only crazy until you’re successful. I’m still partially crazy, but we’re getting there hence the name, “Crazy Good,” said O’Brien.

Jim O’Brien is a chef by trade. He spent 18 years in the kitchen which is where he came up with his “Crazy Good” product line. “A lot of these products I actually used in restaurants I ran and operated out west.”  A St. Louis native, O’Brien moved to Memphis in his early 20s, eventually heading west to New Mexico. He moved back to the Mid-South two years ago to be closer to his wife’s family. Family is the reason he decided to start his own business. “I knew I couldn’t go to my boss and say, ‘Can you give me an extra $15,000 a year so I can put my son through school?”

So, O’Brien used his culinary skills and sales and marketing background to start bottling his Crazy Good sauces.  “Once I get the products in somebody’s mouth, about 90% of the people who taste them end up buying them,” said O’Brien.

People are buying. You can find Jim’s products being used in local restaurants like “The Slider Inn” and “Young Avenue Deli.” He also struck a deal to sell “Crazy Good” in Kroger.

As for Jim’s 9 year-old son and his college savings, “Things have done well. This is my fulltime job and we still challenge him to get a scholarship.”

O’Brien has plans to expand. Look for items like Crazy Good chips & Crazy Good cocktails coming soon to store shelves near year.
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