Man Shoots Ex-Girlfriend Outside Of Halle Stadium

Man Shoots Ex-Girlfriend Outside Of Halle Stadium

A Memphis woman is in critical condition after being shot six times by her ex-boyfriend.

MEMPHIS, TN ( Memphis is behind bars and charged with attempted first degree murder after deputies say he shot his ex-girlfriend six times Thursday night. 

"I didn't know it would escalate this far. You know, everybody have their spouse. They argue, but I didn't know it was gonna get this far. I was very shocked about it," said a neighbor.

Monique Smith is the latest domestic violence victim, in Memphis. The Shelby County Sheriff's department says she was shot six times by her ex-boyfriend, Vernon Walton, Thursday night. It all happened at Halle stadium in southeast Memphis, right after a vigil for a Ridgeway high school student who recently died.

"I don't like it. I think its wrong. If you got a problem with somebody go speak to them and then walk away from it if you can. This stuff in this city here is getting to where people don't wanna really live here. Its bad here," said Michael Crisp.

Just last week, Smith filed an order of protection against Walton. One of Smith's neighbors says she noticed something suspicious recently.

"The last time I saw her was like a couple of weeks ago, maybe like three weeks or so ago. She was out here with the police and her Mom, but her vehicle was parked in the drive-way," said a neighbor.

Back at the crime scene, deputies say after hearing gunshots, they saw Walton running away. They caught him shortly afterwards. Walton remains behind bars at the Shelby County jail without bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

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