MemShop Comes to Overton Square

MemShop Comes to Overton Square

It's 40 stores under one roof in an area of town that's growing in popularity. The "MemShop" pop-up market opens Thursday in Overton Square.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - From art to food, MemShop will feature different businesses each week. It's in a large atrium on Madison, which used to house an ice skating rink and reception hall.

Participating vendors say it's a way to shop local for the holidays.

“It's a great way to support local businesses. This is cool because it has all of the businesses in here together. So it's a way for people to come in here and experience a whole mixture of different recipes, sweets, healthy snacks, juices, they can dance, they can move, they can exercise. So we feel like we kind of give them the best of everything,” said co-owner of Cosmic Coconut Juice Bar and Café, Scott Tashie.

And, MemShop isn't all about clothes and crafts.

“Yoga classes, belly dancing, meditation, were gonna even have a book signing, drum making, were gonna have a potter that will actually be there sitting using his wheel and selling his pottery at the same time,” said Director of the Cosmic Collective Movement and Yoga space, Olivia Lomax.

The great thing about buying gifts at MemShop is that you can actually meet and speak with the owner.

“We have everything from organic bath and body items. Of course we have a lot of excellent jewelry pieces. We have handmade bags from talent trade. We have children’s clothes that's really cute. We also have some really great furniture and this is all from local designers from within the Mid-South area,” said vendor Tonya Tate.

Not only can you shop, but market-goers will be able to enjoy live music as well.

Doors will be open December 6-23.
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