Memorial Service Honors Loved Weatherman, Mark Walden

Memorial Service Honors Loved Weatherman, Mark Walden

Saturday the ABC 24 family said goodbye to a beloved colleague and friend, Chief Meteorologist Mark Walden.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Saturday the ABC 24 family said goodbye to a beloved colleague and friend, Chief Meteorologist Mark Walden. Walden was memorialized at Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Westwood in front of friends, family, and people who he never even met. From his community service to charitable donations, Mark had a heart of service that shined in the Mid-South. Through tears and smiles Saturday, that spirit was celebrated.

ABC 24 colleague Cameron Harper was the first to speak about his beloved co-worker. "When Mark smiled everyone around Mark smiled, you couldn't help yourself."
Nearly every one of the seven speakers mentioned Walden's easy smile. His uncle, Jonathan Walden, said, "His smiles and laughter were so infectious." His fraternity brother, Dwayne Broxton, recalled the first time he met Walden, "He had the kind of smile that will light you up and you knew you were in the presence of one who is genuine and true."

His smile was just an outward expression of the goodness inside. There was so much more to Walden; the husband, father, weatherman, friend. Walden was Henry Rothenberg's mentor when they both worked at ABC 24. His joyful and emotional speech gave insight to who Walden was at the core, "Everyone is here today because they crossed paths with Mark and felt a connection. Whether it's friendship, co-worker, family or viewer, it doesn't matter. Mark loved everyone, if he could help you, he'd help you."

Walden's pastor, Father Tim Sullivan, says everyone can learn a lesson from Walden, "The highest form of flattery is imitation, I'm going to do my best and everyone in our community should do our best to model ourselves and resemble ourselves after the great compassion and love Mark gave every day of his life."

That love echoed through the church as Walden was remembered with laughter and tears. His stepdaughter, Ciquoiah Broxton, didn't prepare a speech, she said, "I thought I would speak from my heart." She said her stepfather was a great man, "We always talked about what we were going to do together as a family and spending time together and we didn't get the time to do it like we wanted to. But the times we had were good and he really loved us."

Walden's brother Kristian broke down in tears as he challenged everyone to live more like his brother, "If there's anything any of us here could do, would be just take a piece of what he represented and incorporate that into our lives and we will all be better people."

Harper left the podium with emotional words for his dear friend, "Mark was a mentor to us all about how life should be lived. Thank you Mark, you made us better, forever."

Walden died Saturday, April 6, of apparent natural causes. He was 38 years old.
He is survived by his wife, Jackquelynne, son, Christian, and step-daughter, Ciquoiah.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to a college fund for Christian A. Walden at any Wells Fargo Bank location.
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