Nightclub Shooting Leaves 2 People Injured

Nightclub Shooting Leaves 2 People Injured

A shooting at a North Memphis club leaves two men injured. Both were shot behind Club Hughes and remain at the Med.

"Sound like about 3 or 4," said Henry Talley.

Those 3 or 4 gunshots were fired at Club Hughes in North Memphis sending 2 men to the Med. The shooting happened around 6am Sunday morning leaving 1 of the victims in critical condition.

Owner Roy Hughes said both victims are lying about being shot at his club.

"For them to show up and use this club as retaliation, or as a scapegoat to not actually reveal or uncover where this incident actually happened at...didn't anything happen here" said Roy Hughes.

Neighbors who live near the club describe a different scene.

"I heard somebody holla out i been hit, something like that. I wasn't going. I wasn't coming out," said resident Henry Talley.

According to police, the victims ran out of the club through the back entrance saying they had been shot. Club Hughes is no stranger to violence. In April 2011 a man was arrested for firing into a crowd at the club and injuring 6 people.

In 2009 it was temporarily shut down by the MPD's Organized Crime Unit. Authorities responded to 80 calls at the club between March 2008 and 2009 for everything from drugs and robberies to assaults and shootings.

"There was no ambulance called here, no police called here, no shooting called to this place. So I'm just totally dumb founded where this came from and hate that I have to defend or fight a battle that's not really mine," said Roy Hughes.

At this time no arrests have been made.

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