Officer Injured; Suspect Shot at Wal Mart

Officer Injured; Suspect Shot at Wal Mart

Save money. Live better. That's one Wal Mart slogan.
BARTLETT, TN – A police officer was injured and a suspected shoplifter hit by gunfire on Friday August 30, 2013.

It happened mid-afternoon, at the Bartlett Wal Mart, on Stage Road.

The injured officer was on the scene for an unrelated incident when it all went down.

“Save Money. Live Better.” That’s one Wal Mart slogan. Three alleged shoplifters were certainly saving money—but living better; not so much.

When they tried to run down a Bartlett cop after reportedly swiping tools and auto parts—living better went out the window.

“The vehicle was coming towards the officer,” said Bartlett Police Captain Marlon Jones, “the officer fired a couple of shots. The suspect was struck in the forearm.”

There were three shoplifting suspects in the getaway car; the driver was hit by police bullets.

“He actually jumped outside the vehicle and ran back inside Wal Mart.” Jones told located an eyewitness who was inside the store when it was all going down.

“Someone comes running in the store,” said Savannah Bridges, “yelling, I’ve been shot; I’ve been shot.”

He collapsed in front of the customer service counter.

“He was lying there, yelling—I’ve been shot; I’ve been shot. The police shot me,” Bridges told, “there was blood everywhere.”

Wal Mart employees gave him napkins to wrap around his wound—but that’s all they did, according to Bridges.

“The employees at Wal Mart said no—we’re not allowed to call the cops or the police,” Bridges recounted, “our managers have to do that. The guy was steadily bleeding; his body started shaking. I think he was going into shock.”

Eventually an ambulance arrived for the bad guy—and the officer.

“The officer was not shot,” said Capt. Jones, “he was struck with the vehicle.”

As for the other two suspects inside that car.

“All three are in custody.” Jones told

The Wal Mart store was locked down; customers turned away and employees sent home.

By the way— shooting aside—Friday was special for Savannah Bridges.

“It’s my birthday.” she told

That’s a birthday she’ll never forget.

The wounded suspect was taken to the Med and as of late Friday August 30, 2013 he was still there in stable condition.

The injured officer was taken to St. Francis—treated and released.

No names had been released and no word on charges

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