Police Investigate Homicide at "El Toro Loco Bar & Grill in East Memphis

Police Investigate Homicide at "El Toro Loco Bar & Grill in East Memphis

Police are investigating an overnight homicide at "El Toro Loco Bar & Grill" in East Memphis.

"It's really sad I saw his wife actually today this morning. She was crying outside of the restaurant with his family," said Sami Jodeh.

Sami Jodeh says he was shocked to hear about an employee of El Toro Loco, stabbed to death early saturday morning after taking out the trash.

"When I got here all the police officers were over there. They had the whole place over there. I swear there was about 11 or 12 cars," said Mike Casinelli.

After the stabbing, police say the 19 year old employee made his way back into the building where he collapsed, and was later found by a coworker.

Authorities say the suspect is a black man. Mike Casinelli works nearby as a Kroger fuel clerk.

"It does make you wonder about what's happening right here in your backyard. What's going on here and everything," said Mike Casinelli.

On Friday another incident happened at the same Kirby Parkway Center.

This time behind the New China restaurant. A victim reported to police that a black man cut his throat. He was transported to the Med in non critical condition.

Jodeh works at a Cricket location nearby. He says safety is his number one concern.

"They need to bring more security in this shopping center especially at night time because it's kind of a club at night, club after 10 o'clock so you think a big solution is too have more security guards on the duty while these things happen around. To watch in the back also. That's what I prefer," said Sami Jodeh.

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