Shelby County Mayor Luttrell Predicts Possible Tax Hike

Shelby County Mayor Luttrell Predicts Possible Tax Hike

With revenue down and expenses up, Shelby County Mayor Luttrell warns citizens to be on the lookout for a possible tax increase.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Shelby County homeowners should brace themselves for a possible county tax hike.

"Going up even higher, it's not a good thing with me," said resident Madelyn Madison.

Shelby County Mayor Luttrell said the revenue is down and expenses are up, leaving him puzzled with different ways on how to close the gap.

"Through more efficiencies, reducing the size of government, but it could very well be we have to ask for tax increase. How much we have to ask for? I just don't know at this time," said Luttrell.

"The way the economy is, jobs, and we're not making no money, leave it like it is," said Dorothy McKinney.

Shelby County currently has a $1.4 billion dollar debt, which the Mayor says has nothing to do with the possible tax hike.

"We are paying our debt down, we are living within our means," said Luttrell.

The mayor's team is currently collecting budget requests from county departments. The big unknown is the consolidated school system starting this fall.

"It's just that this year we know with education being the challenge that it is, it's going to require more money," said Luttrell.

If the county can't balance the budget, Mayor Luttrell said a possible tax hike decision will be made around July.

"I don't like it," said Polly Edwards.

"I don't like it either, I don't like it. I am a person that prefers not to raise taxes but by the same token we have got to balance off what it's going to take to provide our citizens services that they need to be sustained," said Luttrell.
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