Two People Arrested for McDonald's Robbery in Frayser

Two People Arrested for McDonald's Robbery in Frayser

Two people accused of taking part in the robbery of a Frayser McDonald's remain behind bars. A 3rd suspect was shot dead and killed by Memphis police.
Arkishia Thorne (Photo: Shelby Co. Jail)
Arkishia Thorne (Photo: Shelby Co. Jail)
"Hi my name is Yvette Whiteside with ABC 24, is this the family of Gentry Humes?" "Yes it is."
"Can we talk to you for a second? How do you feel about him being locked up?"

A door slammed in my face by the family of Gentry Humes. They did not want to talk and asked me to leave.

Gentry Humes and Arkisha Thorne were both arrested in connection with a robbery at McDonald's in Frayser.

Humes and Charles Livingston III held an employee at gun point and demanded money. Both took off running toward a wooded area while officers chased them on foot. Livingston turned toward officers, flashed his gun, and that's when police shot and killed him.

Arkisha Thorne, the getaway driver, was waiting near by, but took off when she saw police.

"It is always dangerous, because you don't know, violent felony in progress, a gun was used to rob the place, it was real dangerous," said Memphis Policeman Frank Garrett.

Employees at the Frayser location say they were not allowed to speak on camera about the shooting at McDonald's. However, people who stopped by for a bite to eat say they still feel safe.

"Well it makes us feel a little safe and it's watching out for the community that they did capture the two that tried to rob it. And um... I feel safe and I feel comfortable. I'm here with my kids now and I'm sitting here watching them go in and come out with no problems," said James Rankin.

This isn't Humes' first run in with the law. Police say he also robbed Church's Chicken on South Third this month. He's also accused of beating and robbing a man for 5 bucks. After the victim reported the incident, Gentry threatened him with a gun for snitching to police.

Humes has been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated assault. He is being held on $750,000 dollar bond.

Arkisha Thorne was charged with aggravated robbery and has since been released on a $50,000 bond.

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