A Mississippi Lawmaker Is One Of Four Republian Congressmen Who Are Trying To Get Rid Of The EPA

MEMPHIS, TENN (localmemphis.com) - A Mississippi lawmaker is one of four Republican congressmen who are trying to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Congressman Steven Palazzo from Mississippi wants to eliminate the EPA and shift responsibilities to the states.

The bill's sponsors say EPA regulations are hurting businesses, but one local business owner, Rita Stanley says federal grants from the EPA are keeping her business, Riverside Park Marina, afloat.

The business has been through a lot. It is still dealing with the aftermath of a sewage pipe rupture that happened last spring. 40 to 50 million gallons of raw waste was flowing into McKeller Lake where the business lies. Although conditions have improved, there is still a lot of work to be done.

"We tried to get several things done, and we haven't accomplished it with the state or anything," Stanley explained. "We need the EPA, and I think the state needs to get more involved too, but we just don't have any luck with them."

Stanley says improvements have come thanks to an EPA grant.

"They gave us a big grant for our pump out system for our boats and for our houses down here because a lot of times the boats can't get to the gas dock," Stanley explained.

Last week, Friday Congressman Matt Gaetz introduced a bill on the House floor to terminate the EPA.

"States didn't have the expertise or technology always to ascertain what environmental resources within their boundaries deserve the highest amount of protection. We've seen states like Florida and others come a long way," said Representative Gaetz. "States have come a long way to protect their own assets, and they shouldn't have to rely on the federal government."

Support came in from other members of Congress including Representative Steven Palazzo from Mississippi. Palazzo sent a statement to the Sun Herald Newspaper in his district. Click here to read it.

Palazzo believes the responsibilities of the state will be far more beneficial long term.

Representative Gaetz wants to have this bill passed and the EPA terminated by December 31, 2018. 

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