Allegations Of Misspending At Holly Springs Crimestoppers

HOLLY SPRINGS, MISS ( - A high ranking Holly Springs police officer is at the center of a Mississippi state investigation.

The town's mayor confirmed to the Local I-team it has to do with Crimestoppers money that may have been misspent.

The mayor of Holly Springs says state auditors are doing the investigation.  Agents asked the city to turn over records connected to the police department's chief detective.

"They wanted to get any financial records, expense reports that occurred during a certain period of time," said Mayor Kelvin Buck. Buck says Elijah Wilson's spending is in question.

"The details of what, how much and all these things have not been made clear to us yet. Again, I want to emphasize this is not an internal investigation. This is a state audit investigation based on state funds, based on a program that relates to Crimestoppers," said Buck.

Crimestoppers money is not city money; it is state funds said, Buck.

Despite the investigation, Wilson is still on the job working as a detective, When asked why, here is Buck's response.

"I'm really waiting on something from the state to give us something in writing and give us a clear indication of what happened, who was involved, what it was about and what role if any the city has to play in this, and we will take the appropriate action at that time," said Buck.

We called state officials in Jackson, Mississippi. A media spokesperson told me they would get back to me with information. So far that hasn't happened.

Buck said putting the officer on administrative leave is a possibility while they wait to get more information from the state of Mississippi. 

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