An Emotional First Day Of Testimony In The Holly Bobo

SAVANNAH, Tenn ( - An emotional first day of testimony in the Holly Bobo murder case.

Holly Bobo's mother collapses on the stand while testifying.

20-year-old Holly Bobo disappeared near Parsons..two hours east of Memphis six years ago.

 Her remains were found 3 years later. Zach Adams is facing Kidnapping, rape and murder charges

Senior investigator Jeni Diprizio is in Hardin County where Monday the trial is underway.

This happened in Decatur county but the trial was moved to Hardin county so it was easier to find an impartial jury.

Prosecutors say Zach Adams took Holly Bobo from her home. Shot her up with drugs. Then raped and killed her.

The defense says Adams is innocent. That he had didn't know her or had even laid eyes on her.

The first witness on the stand was Bobo's father. He said that he spent years trying to find his daughter doing his own searches and investigating trying to find his daughters killer.

He got emotional saying he finally gave up hope of finding her when her remains were found.

Then when Holly's mother was on the stand testifying she had a panic attack said she felt sick and then passed out.

After the collapse, The defense asked for a mistrial saying given the medical collapse, the jury would not be able to be impartial.

The judge said no.

After the medical emergency Bobo's mom got back on the stand and finished testifying .

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