Candidates For TN Governor Head To Nashville Business Forum

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ( - Calling it a first job interview, the major candidates for Tennessee Governor faced some top state business leaders Tuesday.

All of the seven major candidates, in one way or another, were in Nashville for this forum.

Democrat and Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, told a group of Tennessee business leaders what voters want in a Governor. “A Governor who is a moderate, someone who is pragmatic and has common sense.”

Republican TN House Speaker Beth Harwell spoke of things she's been a part of. “One of the things I am most proud of in TN, is we have a limited government. We take it for granted, but we should not, that we have a balanced budget every year.”

Republican Congressional Member Diane Black made her pitch on video from D.C. “Someone has to bring some sanity to this town. Soon the House will be voting on my budget, which is a product I am incredibly proud of.”

Republican Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd stressed his economic background. “I think it’s important that the next Governor knows something about being an entrepreneur, being innovative, making a payroll and running an organization.”

Mae Beavers told what small business owners are telling her. “There is a lot of unnecessary regulations that we need to get rid of so we can operate in the state of TN.”

Tennessee House Democrat leader Craig Fitzhugh talked of fairness. “I want an economy and business arena in TN that works for everyone in this state.”

Republican businessman Bill Lee talked of service. “The responsibility we have as civic and business leaders to impact the people.”

Countless more forums like this one are expected in the next 10-and half months as Tennessee boils its candidates down to two.



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