Catholic Heart Workcamp Teens Help Those In Need In The Bluff City

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - Nearly 300 teenagers from across the country are in Memphis this week as part of Catholic Heart Workcamp. The camp works with the elderly, homeless, and youth, by restoring homes and feeding the hungry.

"Y'all just do good work. I'm tell ya. I'd recommend y'all to anybody."

James Catron’s porch was falling in. Wood was rotting. Just looking at the 74-year-old’s home, you might think it was past the point of repairing.

But this group of teens with Catholic Heart Workcamp says you have to have faith.

"I'm definitely in a much better place with my faith because of Catholic Heart,” says Amanda Thomlinson.

Catron has lived in this house for 40 years. He's tried to keep it in good condition, but back in the 80s, Catron went blind.

"I can't see too much. I can't now see the color of the floor,” laughs Catron.

Catron seems to love life, no matter the challenges. He credits these Christian campers with turning his sinking sanctuary into a house of hope, and sacrificing their summer break to serve souls in need.

"He says, you know, I'm so blessed to have you guys here working on this house, but you know I think our two groups here are so blessed to be placed in a house with such a faith loving God loving great man. He's great to talk to and work with,” says Thomlinson.


Teens with Catholic Heart Workcamp are in town through the 8th. They'll be working at more than 40 sites in Memphis.

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