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Central High Marching Band Place First In National Competition

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - A Memphis High School band marched its way to national recognition this past weekend. 


Central High School Band placed first in the high stepping marching band competition in Greensboro, North Carolina.  It's a honor band members worked hard for. 


The Central High School Warriors put in long hours to become national champions, they practice nearly every day. 


"We have practice every day Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 5:30, we have sectionals. We stay extra some days some nights, we have football games," said Asia Reel, Band President. 


Local 24 obtained You Tube video of Central High School Warriors performing this past weekend, when the band took home first place in the National High-stepping High School Marching Championship.  They spent months preparing for their performance.


"Well deserved. We worked hard. I feel accomplished, I feel so joyful about it," said Drum Major, Kaia Dyson. 


Although this band sounds amazing, Central High School Band Director Liddell says they need their style to match their skill. 


"Our uniforms are hand-me-downs from another school. They were getting new uniforms and most schools when they get new uniforms they sell their old ones so we brought these from another school and it wasn't really enough," Liddell explained. 


The uniforms are so old, they have holes and are torn in places.  Band members are already preparing for their next competition. 


"The motivation behind what we are doing is strictly energy. It's all about show, it's all about crowd participation. It's all about fun," Liddell said. 


If you'd like to help this band purchase new uniforms you can contact Central High School directly at 901-416-4500.  The school is located at 306 South Bellevue Boulevard. You can also contact the Mighty Warriors Band Boosters. 

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