Day 2 Of Holly Bobo Murder Trial: Zach Adams' Ex Testifies He Threatened Her Too

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - Explosive new testimony in the Holly Bobo murder trial. The ex-girlfriend of Zach Adams, the man charged with the 2011 rape, kidnapping, and murder of the 20-year-old nursing student, said Adams threatened her too, and implicated himself in the Bobo case.

“He would tie me up just like he did Holly Bobo, and no one would ever see me again,” Rebecca Earp testified.

Meanwhile, a Tennessee highway patrolman says Zach Adams was on his radar screen as a possible suspect within two weeks of Holly Bobo disappearing. 

Monday, the Bobo family testified, but Tuesday has been mostly law enforcement.

We heard from the first deputy who arrived at the Bobo house the day she disappeared, a TBI DNA expert, and a highway patrolman who had suspicions about Adams from the beginning.

From the stand, Tennessee state trooper Warren Rainey told jurors Zach Adams popped up on his radar the second Saturday after Holly Bobo disappeared.

Rainey says Bobo's credit card receipts had been found north of Parsons, and Rainey began asking people in the area if they knew of any drug addicts or people that should be looked into. 

Rainey says Adams name came up several times. Rainey says he went to Adams’ home, and knocked on the door to talk to him.

When asked about Bobo 's disappearance, here was the response.

“He kept telling me he didn't have anything do it. That he had a girlfriend and she had turned him in. And I could tell he was visibly shaken. He was scared,” said Rainey.

When the prosecutor asked about how Rainey could tell Adams was scared, Rainey responded, “He was scared. He was shaking." 

After Rainey left the Adams house, he hid near the property and did surveillance. Eventually he organized a search of county property behind the Adams’ house.


The defense says maybe Adams seemed scared because there were drugs in the house. It doesn't prove he had anything to do with Bobo's murder.

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