Day 3 Of Holly Bobo Murder Trial: Hunter Who Found Remains Chokes Up On Stand

SAVANNAH, Tenn ( - Three days of testimony and more than 20 witnesses have taken the stand in the Holly Bobo murder trial. Zach Adams is on trial for killing the 20-year-old nursing student from Decatur county. That's 120 miles east of Memphis.

Wednesday, a forensic expert testified Bobo was shot to death in the head. Jurors saw pictures of her skull and bones.

Court ended early Wednesday, the judge let jurors go have a short day after hearing from two forensic witnesses, who gave very scientific explanations to prove tests on remains found in the woods were that of Bobo.

Bobo disappeared in 2011, but it was 3 years later when her remains were found by a hunter in the woods. That hunter choked up on the stand as he relived the moment.

Larry Stone told jurors when he discovered Bobo's remains, he hollered for his cousin, who was hunting nearby, to see what he found.

"Please tell me this is one of those things you use in school. (you think it's, it's... ( chokes up) "I said I think it's Holly,” testified Stone.

Stone called police, and the TBI came to the scene. On the stand, a TBI agent showed jurors other items belonging to Bobo. Her purse and inhaler were found near her remains about 20 miles from where Bobo disappeared.

Also testifying on the stand Wednesday morning, a string of people who found items of Bobo's while helping in the search shortly after Bobo disappeared.

The judge told jurors Thursday would likely be a long day in court. One of the main TBI agents that headed up the investigation will be the first to take the stand. 


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