Defense Rests In Mark Giannini's Rape Trial

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - Closing arguments began Thursday in the Mark Giannini trial. The local businessman is charged with three counts of aggravated rape.

But in this first trial, the jury has the option to convict on lesser charges, including rape or battery.

The trial was expected to last several weeks, but testimony for both sides took three days.

The defense called four witnesses, not including Mark Giannini, who took the stand but decided not to testify.

"Per hospital report patient stated she took pills to harm herself,” asked Defense Attorney Steve Farese.

"Yes,” answered Antonio Perry of Lakeside Behavioral Health.

"And does it say patient now denies that?" asked Farese.

"That's correct,” answered Perry.

Mark Giannini's defense team admits their client is no angel, but says the woman who accused him of raping her isn't credible because she has lied repeatedly.

The defense called Giannini's long-time friend John James to the stand. He said he introduced Giannini and the victim.

"She did know one thing. And that was, you're gonna be having sex,” testified James.

"Did she know it was gonna be forced sex against her will?" asked prosecutor Neil Oldham.

"No sir. I'm sure she didn't,” answered James.


When closing arguments end, the jury will begin deliberations to determine Giannini’s fate.

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