Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich Privately Reprimanded In Noura Jackson Case

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich accepted a private reprimand from the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility in the murder trial of Noura Jackson. This means Weirich will avoid a disciplinary hearing scheduled for later this week in front of the board.

In 2009, a jury convicted Jackson of second Degree murder of her mother, Jennifer Jackson. In 2014, the Tennessee Supreme Court overturned her conviction because of prosecutor misconduct.

"Just tell us where you were? That's all we are asking Noura." It was this statement that put District Attorney Amy Weirich under an ethics investigation for prosecutor misconduct back in 2009 during the murder trial of Noura Jackson.

"Yes, as I have said from the beginning an error was made, human errors are going to be made, we deal with 200,000 cases every year," Weirich explained.

The Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility privately reprimanded Weirich for her closing arguments and for a statement by a witness in the 2009 murder trial that was not turned over to the defense.

"My lawyers argued repeatedly for this statement, and the prosecution denied it ever existed. The prosecutors, in this case, deceived the judge my lawyer and the jury by hiding very important evidence. The prosecutors then allowed that witness to purger himself on the stand and didn't do anything to stop it," said Noura Jackson, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

This is not the first time the Shelby County District Attorney's office has been criticized for errors. In the Andrew Lee Thomas case, the district attorney office did not turn over evidence that it paid a witness. Weirich says her office has implemented a police when it comes to discovery practices.

"We have instituted an open file discovery policy, and it's the first time this office had never had a written discovery policy, so it put into writing what the practice of the office was," Weirich explained.

Monday afternoon, Noura Jackson released this statement to Local 24:

"It is surreal beyond belief to see this end with the "No Deals" prosecutor accepting a plea and admitting that mistakes were made in the prosecution of this case. If Ms. Weirich is sincere and remorseful, she will have the opportunity to assist the Innocence Project as they request a review of the DNA evidence that points to an unknown suspect."

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