Easter Shooting Leaves Young Man Dead In Helena-West Helena

HelenaWest Helena,AR (localmemphis.com). -  On Easter Sunday,  just after  8:40 pm, Helena-West Helena Police Department received a 911 call from  137 N. 4TH Street in West Helena, the caller said they heard multiple gunshots when they looked outside they found a male suffering from gunshot wounds.

Virgil Green, Chief of Police with the Helena-West Helena Police Department, stated, "When officers arrived they found a black male who shot several times, officers requested EMS. 

After arriving, the victim was pronounced dead. 

Witness told officers, the victim was Quantavavious Stringer, 15, of Helena-West Helena.

Stringer had come by the home and was outside on the front porch talking with home owner's  son; the two boys noticed a blue SUV driving down 4TH street. 

The witness stated the blue SUV stopped, individuals inside the car began shooting towards the front porch. 

Shalonda Graham, who lives nearby said, When her son heard the gunshots, He fell to the ground and crawled inside."

They thought Stringer had made it inside the house but realized he wasn’t inside the house, when they looked outside they found him lying on the porch suffering from several gunshots wounds.

 Chief Green said, "His officers began to search for the Blue SUV in the area. "

Moments after the shooting on North 4TH Street the agency start receiving multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired in the area. 

Just after 9:05 PM officers spotted a vehicle in the area of North 6TH Street matching the description of the blue SUV possibly involved in the shooting on 4TH Street.

Officers took several suspects into custody related to the shooting investigation, based upon statements from the witness.  

The agency has 18-year-old Marquette Haymer, of Helena-West Helena in custody and 19-year-old Bobby Thomas also of Helena-West Helena in custody for the homicide.

Currently, investigators believe the motive for the shooting is related to an ongoing feud between several gangs; it appears Stringer was the intended target. 

 Chief Green stated, "This is a continuing investigation, we are still interviewing witnesses, it’s possible more arrest could follow. " 

Marquette Haymer, Bobby Thomas, and Gary Hart all face Capital Murder charges in connection with this homicide.        

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