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Half A Century Of Feeding The Future Of Memphis

Memphis, TN - The hula-hoops were hooping the kids were running, working up an appetite and getting ready for lunch a free lunch.
For 50 years its been going on in Memphis.

A healthy lunch.
Shelby County Schools officials showed us what they call apple doughnuts.
There is nothing dough nutty about them other than there is a hole in the middle.
They are real apples with yogurt .

Lunch is even better.
Nine year old Aubri Johnson loves lunch,"Sandwiches, fruits, carrots, broccoli, celery and milk."

Aubri is crazy about carrots by the way.
She is just one of the thousands who have been fed through this program.
Calvin Johnson is the Shelby County Schools Director of Operations and Nutrition Services.
"It provides kids an opportunity to get two meals at no charge," he says. "Free. Every day. Only thing is they need to do is be under the age of 18, and go to one of our feeding sites."

Before you start complaining about your tax money being spent on feeding kids during the summer, there is something you need to know.
40-thousand school children in Shelby County come from homes where the annual income is $10-thousand dollars a year or less.
Feeding a child healthy food is often something they can't afford.
Calvin Johnson says he remembers a story one of the food delivery drivers told him about his route.
"If he was not there in time," Johnson says about the driver, "or the kid missed a meal, he went back and the kid was actually eating out of the garbage can."

Instea .they eat healthy.
Not to mention the food is good...
"it gives us energy," nine year old Darnesha Hayes says,  so we can so we can like, know stuff."
After all, it's important to know stuff.

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